new music! new fun! new psychoses!

ieatpants is proud to present “simulation of an artist

this collection of songs turned out to be much more personal than i had anticipated… that’s because i started with a goal of combining a love of echoey guitars and effects-laden loops with a few jaunty acoustic tunes about cramming my giant legs into the smallest airline seat ever. but it turned out all the songs are by the same guy. as fucking pretentious as it sounds, i’m really happy with the way this album turned out… the last 12 tracks were recorded all at once and probably could stand to be their own little EP, but I feel like they are representative of the struggle between making a catchy or silly song and creating a moody, atmospheric guitar piece… plus i love the cover–i used a blank CD insert, my old scanner, an extra messy marker, and some nifty images of J.L. Borges and i can’t believe how excelelnt it came out.

ok, i’m done telling you how awesome i am.

in addition, i have lately been playing music with an old friend. we’ve put together a nice representation of how fun we are: The Gentlemen of the Western Reserve – “The Rise and Fall of the West(ern Reserve)”

recorded in one saturday in a living room while someone was in the kitchen cooking up various meats for us to try… i recomend “horse race jubilee” and “bunnies” to get you started.

all music is under creative commons copyright… suck it, corporate!

and finally, believe it or not, more updates soon!

notebook project #1, resolutions

I’m preparing for the RPM Challenge.

In the meantime, this is the first in several posts exploring and explaining a notebook that I used for a little over a year for songs and a bunch of other crap. Where appropriate, I will post songs that correspond to each entry.

Here is the first page and a couple of post-its that I stuck there:

notebook project #1
notebook project #1

Obviously, I set my goals pretty high for 2007.

Things to note:

1. i finished this by the end of february, by completing the RPM challenge. good times.

2. i did this too!

3. i also did this, but barely.

4. this was a massive failure

5. eh, i suck. what can i say, i still eat tons of food and now i’m getting chubby.

6. again, chubby and mostly lazy.

You may be interested to know that I was considering writing a short story about Percival Lowell, the discoverer of “canals” on Mars. Anyway… it’s been done by others.

The second, bigger post-it looks like some other book ideas, but is written in such a absurd format, that I have no clue what it all means.

vin diesel is pretty good, i guess

so, i think vin diesel is ok.

anyways, moving on to actual news… ieatpants welcomes its newest member tonight–i don’t wanna give out a name right now, because he might just up and move to ireland or france or poland. BUT! this guy’s gonna bring the goods: street cred and good looks. LOOKOUT!!!!

so, anyway, there’ll be a big lull here for a bit while we work out new songs, strategems, etc.