i will punch

i will punch
your nose into your eyes
the testosterone flies
it’s a set of torrid lies
that we decry

i will best
the worst thoughts in my mind
purge them from all crime
set their hearts afire
and then whisper:

“i will puuuuuuuuunch”

“you look so angry”
well, duh

a collection of older songs

just for you, i’ve compiled a bunch of stuff that has been sitting around (like, literally, these songs have been on chairs) since about 2006.

here’s a video for one of the tracks. i found this band of otters who played and danced and singed all night long:

here’s the rest of the album, which can be found at ieatpants.bandcamp.com

the universe is cold, video

there’s something weird about this song. it’s included on “the empire never ended,” (available for download/streaming at ieatpants.bandcamp.com) which includes songs inspired by sci-fi author and all around insane genius life hacking guru philip k dick.

but “the universe is cold” is the only song that isn’t tied to a specific novel, story, or pkd-related event.

it was written in the fall of 2009 after a date (it must’ve been our 3rd or 4th date) with my now wife, and at the time, i was reading ‘Martian Time Slip’ so there is some loose connection.

anyway, pkd writes a lot about the duality of the universe — life and death; good and evil; etc etc etc., and this song is about where those things meet, which to me is a crucial idea for understanding life.

it sounds ridiculous, i guess, but the idea is that life and death are part of a cycle of adaptation and evolution; that we’re not really the lifeforms we think we are. that life is, in fact, bigger than all of us combined. that the universe and time exist as one variation in an infinite struggle that ends… how? when? i guess we don’t know. and why should we? the bacteria that live in our stomachs and help us turn carrots into poop have no idea where their host is going, so why should we?

i’m not saying we’re stuck in some host’s stomach, but it’s the closest metaphor i can come up with.

so, yep. here you go. the video. an old yiddish animation. featuring a goat.

the universe is cold
and i can’t make it
i can’t live
in this universe
we prove that the end is near
we’ve torn our hearts from the ground
we’ll watch as our bodies decay
we’ll stand above our own graves
singing our own funeral songs
rustling our feet through dead leaves
that were once
our rotting flesh
soft acrid smell
it is our body’s last wish
to bury itself
to watch
as it ends

people in chile have good taste… and also the czech republic

i can’t even begin to tell you how to imagine the amount of surprise that fell out of my gaping jaw when i saw this video posted on my facebook page:

Trailer Cortometraje Mi Vida Secreta from Luis Alejandro Perez on Vimeo.

Trailer “Mi Vida Secreta”

It’s a trailer for a short film that was written and directed by Luis Alejandro Perez, a fine gentleman from Chile. Here is a description from the director:

The story tells about what happened on a saturday afternoon when a nine-year old boy, dressed up as an astronaut, stays at home alone doing a series of childish pranks that will be abruptly interrupted by his authoritarian father. Through the thoughts of the child, who has already become an adult, we will know how despite of his father, he always kept carefully the memories of his childhood

awesome! such a fantastic thing that is this video. and what’s that? an ieatpants song? oooh, neato! super fun thanks to this obviously brilliant and handsome prodigy director!!

after running into that gem, i realized that i hadn’t been keeping very close tabs on my stuff, so i did a quick youtube search and came up with this beauty:

the description is in Czech, but the title translates to “Removing the furnace glassworks Kyjov”

i would like you to perhaps take a moment to think about what has just happened here.

an instrumental song that i recorded in my apartment in the summer of 2008 has somehow found its way to be the soundtrack for the dismantling of furnaces in Kyjov, The Czech Republic.

fucking epic

btw, “pant full of dollars” has had 8831 listens on jamendo as of today. maybe you wanna listen to it to? i mean, it’s kind of good. how do i know it’s good? i took a vote. consisting of myself. and i unanimously voted that it’s a pretty good album. also, it’s free to download.

my energy, my direction in the kickass film Tilva Ros

Tilva Roš – color grading from Nikola Stefanovic on Vimeo.

From the director: “This is color grading examples from the latest feature film that i’we been working on called Tilva Rosh. The goal was to achieve warm natural look. Filmed with RED camera, graded on DaVinci Resolve. This is not a movie trailer.”

Director: Nikola Ležaić
Cinematography: Miloš Jaćimović
Production: Film House Kiselo Dete, Serbia
Music: Ieatpants – My energy, my direction

the band regretfully would like to make a film. er, excitedly.

hi everyone.

i’ve decided to spend lots of energy (and maybe some money) on producing a video for an ieatpants song. but here is the dilemma, which song to choose? i mean, they’re all poorly recorded in my bedroom, so forget that standard.

i would like you to do me a favor… tell me which song to use. you see, it’s very difficult for me to stand back from the songs and decide which would make the best video. i just want to make sure i’ve made a wise choice before i make a big investment.

so, these are my final candidates:

  1. are you sleepy (i think i might be the only one who still likes this one)
    download the mp3
  2. that wasn’t cocaine after all
    download the mp3
  3. leave a little room in the glass for my lime (a very silly demo that i just recorded on sunday)
    download the mp3
  4. what’s the world gonna say when you’re gone?
    download the mp3
  5. you do what you like
    download the mp3
  6. the day we gave up
    download the mp3
  7. low cure (instrumental, but i like the building and the imagery of the layers of sound)
    download the mp3
  8. bahgdad summer (this one is a demo but has my favorite guitar solo that i’ve ever recorded in it)
    download the mp3

what’s your favorite song? did i miss one? is this whole thing fucking stupid? (no offense to stupid people)

once i decide on a song, the fun really begins. i may have a kickstarter link up here in a couple weeks, so there will probably be an even more awkward request forthcoming… (uncomfortably tugs on collar).