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for the stupid music i make

i will never forget the goddamned children

there is a noise project called the kuw88 broken pedals, circuits heated until they swell the smell of dusty capacitors and poorly strung guitars. it’s the kuw88!! released 27 August 2014 distortion effects guitars lo-fi noise

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a collection of older songs

just for you, i’ve compiled a bunch of stuff that has been sitting around (like, literally, these songs have been on chairs) since about 2006. here’s a video for one of the tracks. i found this band of otters who … Continue reading

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just ignore that last post… this one has soundcloud!!

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the last couple weeks have generated, um, lots of dumb songs

well, i use the phrase “dumb” as an honest descriptor. it’s based on the fact that these songs are unpolished, barely written, faintly recorded, lightly whispered, silently mixed, and slap-dashedly thrown up onto the web… ENJOY! ieatpants‘s player:

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