may i give you an update (get it? cause it’s may)

listen, there’s not a lot of activity right now in the pants household. there are a few punk rock songs in the works, but not punk rock like green day; more punk rock like the minutemen…

there’s tons of bands calling themselves punk rock, but i’m reading michael azerrad’s our band could be your life, and i’m blown away by bands like black flag and minor threat who were insanely influential without ever actually making much money. there wasn’t even the promise or dream of money. only the promise of a fist in their faces.

there is an independent spirit that is truly missing from music—at least the music i normally listen to. this isn’t some old man rant (although technically i am an old man ranting), just an observation of my own listening habits and of the music that surrounds me.

black flag was angry. really really angry. the los angeles police saw them as a threat. cops were seriously scared of what might happen at their shows. what band today can say the same?

minor threat sang a dictate to its audience: “don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t fuck”—giving a million teenagers a glimmer of a hope of a future that didn’t involve some fucking cheap vice.

the minutemen played on bills with black flag and other hardcore bands, but were more folky and organic—showing how the idea of punk rock was more about how you made music, rather than what the music sounded like.
d. boon and mike watt

in summary: “indie” rock is not very fucking indie. we should do something to change it.

also, i just found out that kira roessler, who played bass in black flag, now does dubbing and dialogue editing on game of motherfucking thrones.

black fucking flag

fucking awesome.

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