twinless twin

i’ve the first demo track from the upcoming ieatpants album “the empire never ended.”

this song is called “twinless twin”

all of the songs on the album are inspired by philip k. dick’s life and stories.

twinless twin by ieatpants

Philip Kindred Dick and his twin sister, Jane Charlotte Dick, were born six weeks prematurely on December 16, 1928 in Chicago to Dorothy Kindred Dick, and Joseph Edgar Dick who worked for the United States Department of Agriculture. Jane died six weeks later on January 26, 1929. The death of Philip’s twin sister profoundly affected his writing, relationships, and every aspect of his life, leading to the recurrent motif of the “phantom twin” in many of his books. (from:

the survivor of this type of early twin loss is called a twinless twin.

i am currently mixing and recording overdubs for the rest of the songs.
i will post demos here and then release the whole album on iTunes.


tube socks!!

  Tube socks are awesome… if you’re a robot with tubes for legs and no feet, that is!!

  What were people thinking when they invented tube socks? Maybe something like:

  “Eureka! I’ve done it! I’ve created the perfect sock for people with perfectly tubular legs!”   

  And that’s a quote!  

from this cat:  


whose picture i stole from the internet  


don’t sue me  


  who’s a wittle puddy cat? you are!  … yes you are!!