i posted this on some other site but am so pleased with myself that i had to share it here

can we seriously get over ourselves just a little bit and think about the future? no not 5 years from now… more like 500 years from now. just think, people are archiving the internet. storing every bit and sorting every mp3 into neat little folders… in a thousand years someone will stumble on a certain archive and say, what is this ieatpants? and then maybe they’ll listen to it and hate it so much that they scream in agony, or maybe they’ll think it’s kind of cool and put it on their ipod atto and listen to it while they’re making algae snacks (they’re drifting through space and that’s all they could find to eat). that would be pretty kickass. i mean, we’re only alive for a short while. i’d just like to play some music, spread some joy or even sadness (in a good way), and live forever in the veins of the internet’s circulatory system.

no big deal.


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