Tilva Ros… a most biased review

Tilva Ros is a Serbian film, directed by Nikola Lezaic. It is an understatement to say that I was pleased to see Tilva Ros in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Having my friends there with me as a lovely piece of art flowed across a screen was not only kickass, but terrifying.

Among other pleasant surprises, the movie was remarkable for it’s quality and style and thoughtfulness and grace and blood and tears and funny costumes and beautiful landscapes.

Here are specific remarks that I wish to make:

  1. desolate and beautiful landscapes of a run down copper mine as well as the city of Bor, Serbia and surrounding area
  2. surprisingly competent, tortured, and emotional acting by relative amateurs
  3. awesome soundtrack of mostly english/american-sounding music. despite my obvious subjective view of the soundtrack (i have 2 songs in the film), it really struck me the independent vibe that radiates from each song selection. what does the previous sentence mean? is it useful? no.

anyway, congrats to everyone involved for their many awards on the film… including top prize at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

there are two ieatpants songs in this film and both can be downloaded for free. “unt” from the 2008 album stuck in long island city with the brooklyn blues again and “my energy, my direction” from 2010’s ieatpants.

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