another xmas hit (war isn’t over)

maybe i’ve been watching too much violent TV (that guy on Monk is worse than Dexter, I think).
anyway, for a hit tune, see below:

fuck you it’s xmas
didn’t you hear?
i’ll fucking disembowel you
and pull your brains out your ears

it’s xmas bloody xmas
and you’ll be crying tears
after years of fruitless living
i’ll release your souls from your fears

so fuck you, it’s xmas
your life is in arrears
and fuck you if you’re jolly
or full of fucking cheer

just kidding it’s xmas
no just kidding times two
i’ll kill you and then i’ll kill you
and feed your corpse to deer

whistling tunes we hide in dunes by the seaside

“Jeux Sans Frontières” is what Peter Gabriel sings in the song “Games Without Frontiers”
When I was a kid I always thought he sang “She’s so popular.”
I was a dumb kid…

but yeah, so I wrote a song called “Games Without Fronties” about topless bowling, golfing, and bocce.

one of my favorite music moments ever is the beginning of “Solsbury Hill” when Gabriel sings:
“Climbing up on Solsbury Hill, I could see the city light…”

I guess it’s a combination of his amazing voice coming in so calm and strong… and there’s something slightly disorienting about how these two lines fit together.

anyway, that’s my afternoon. Peter Gabriel.
here’s a sketch to go along with it: