you keep me peeled
eyes a asalad
i hate youi hate youi hate youi hate you
what have i have i have i
have i ever done?

first instincts: they say i’m never wrongong.
but i am wrong.
i will never get anymore done, ever again.
f-f-u-u internet

ladies and gentlemen, we have income

i don’t tend to keep a close eye out for sales of my music.
i’ve never really expected it and was not sure why anyone would want to pay when it’s all available for free anyway.

well, check this shit out:

(click for the deets)

see that?
that number in the lower right hand corner?

$0.66469285 of pure delicious profit.

i am awesome.

all cynicism aside, it is honestly blowing my mind that i have been able to some how manage to pull nearly 66.5 cents out of the internet and into my pocket. i’m very excited.

the most surprising bit is that the song that has sold/streamed 3 total copies is “You’ll Never See Me Again, Promise”
not my favorite tune, but the people have spoken.
i dunno, maybe it’s the title.
by that logic, i expect to be selling many many copies of “fill my brain with fancy cheeses” any day now.

ok, so thank you the world wide web (with a special shout out to Sir Tim Berners-Lee!).

against the wind…

we were farting against the wind.

don’t know how and i don’t know when.
that odor is comin back to me again.
i remember you sittin on that fence
heating beans and shovelin them in

yeah, it seems so long ago now
you ate beans and i rode a cow
we were cowboys in Maine and we were darned high-brow

is that scent still in your hair?
the one that my ass put there?
those days are gone but i still have your underwear

against the wind
we were farting against the wind

hello chilly fall weather…

how are you? i find your leaves charming, but your attitude is a bit on the tedious side.

i have like zero updates, but it’s been so long and i am procrastinating, so i am writing words that don’t have much meaning. and that is about it.

i have been working on things, they’re just not very interesting. i have been taking voice lessons, for example. so far, i am impressed with myself. later tonight, i will re-watch Karate Kid 2 and get pumped about recording some new tracks. focus on the vocals. it’s fun.


see you later