the day we gave up…

i wrote the lyrics to this song a long long time ago and i’m not exactly sure what the lyrics mean.
they remind me slightly of a man who’s unhappy with all of his surroundings.
there is a struggle and a failure, but it is a mockery.

anyway, i have been playing this one a lot lately in my bedroom.
it somehow has more meaning now than ever.
it makes fun of obsessions with post-modernism and it entertains the idea that from lust, a lasting and fruitful relationship can form.

it was written on april 15, 2009.
at 5:18pm.

the day we gave up by ieatpants

jane’s hetfield addiction

when i was in college, i was in a band called “jane’s hetfield addiction”
it also could’ve been “james hetfield addiction” i’m not sure…

anyway, here is the track we recorded. the full title is “we obey the laws of physics all the while pretending that it is a great struggle between the laws of god and the laws of man”

jane’s hetfield addiction – the laws of physics by ieatpants

curt fischer – trumpet
jason curran – guitar
brandon miller – guitar
john vitamvas – guitar
vince gato – bass
alexandria stoia – flute