In the interest of a Saturday morning hungover…

Last night I had a strange experience.

I went to see a friend’s band. Their shows seem to bring out the pals in droves.

On one hand, there’s this mass of energy coming from the guys and that’s fantastic. On the other hand, they are a little hard to pin down. There are four songwriters in the band and they all have their own styles, musically and lyrically.

Plus, the setup is strange: three string instruments (plus a bass) and no drummer.

Let me make it clear, they are very good. On top of it, they connect with the audience in a very real and important way.

That being said, I left the show a little confused and frustrated. I couldn’t seem to get it, I guess.

It could be that I’m extremely nervous though. Tonight is a performance. I’m only playing three songs, but two or three members of this band will be there and they will most likely not be into my strange live performance… it’s going to be, um, low-key, as opposed to their shot of cocaine.

They will probably be confused. That is, if they’re just as self-centered and pretentious as I am.

Oh well, I guess I can’t please everybody. There’s also a chance that I can’t even please a few people… I guess we’ll find out!

Here’s a little something to lighten this dark post:

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