the band regretfully would like to make a film. er, excitedly.

hi everyone.

i’ve decided to spend lots of energy (and maybe some money) on producing a video for an ieatpants song. but here is the dilemma, which song to choose? i mean, they’re all poorly recorded in my bedroom, so forget that standard.

i would like you to do me a favor… tell me which song to use. you see, it’s very difficult for me to stand back from the songs and decide which would make the best video. i just want to make sure i’ve made a wise choice before i make a big investment.

so, these are my final candidates:

  1. are you sleepy (i think i might be the only one who still likes this one)
    download the mp3
  2. that wasn’t cocaine after all
    download the mp3
  3. leave a little room in the glass for my lime (a very silly demo that i just recorded on sunday)
    download the mp3
  4. what’s the world gonna say when you’re gone?
    download the mp3
  5. you do what you like
    download the mp3
  6. the day we gave up
    download the mp3
  7. low cure (instrumental, but i like the building and the imagery of the layers of sound)
    download the mp3
  8. bahgdad summer (this one is a demo but has my favorite guitar solo that i’ve ever recorded in it)
    download the mp3

what’s your favorite song? did i miss one? is this whole thing fucking stupid? (no offense to stupid people)

once i decide on a song, the fun really begins. i may have a kickstarter link up here in a couple weeks, so there will probably be an even more awkward request forthcoming… (uncomfortably tugs on collar).


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