dear internet, i need a show.

hi world wide web, does this sound too pretentious?

i’m looking to play some gigs. probably in brooklyn, which is where i live too.
i’ve been writing and recording for long time as ieatpants, but playing shows… that’s where the future is.

anyway, i have played at open mics and coffee shops and it’s kind of not that fun because i like to be loud and coffee and loud guitars don’t mix, apparently.
those coffee shop and open mic guys prefer their cupachinos with Dan Baird or Lyle Lovett, which is cool but not my sceene…

i’m just one (1) guy with the occasional guest singer or accompanist.

i sort of sound like: dinosaur jr, chad vangaalen , and maybe xiu xiu.

you can listen or download songs here:

or myspace:

or blog:

i’m from cleveland and have played in a couple bands there, but i live in brooklyn now and am looking to start playing live.

i will play for beer, laughs, or for fun (but not all three).


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