i lied to the american people, the public

“look for something new in march”

that was what i said about 4 weeks ago… i am a liar and a silly man

well, there is good news: i’m actively trying to re-record some tiny bits for the new album, which has new artwork and an awe-inspiring title: "ieatpants"

wow, you didn’t see that coming, did you?

the goal here is to produce something more cohesive and engaging than anything else to date… to that end, i’m recycling a couple older songs and re-recording one older song.

i wish i had a definite date to hand out, but since i am still trying to record bits and pieces, it could be a couple weeks. after all, i still have a regular job. what? you didn’t know that making music doesn’t pay my rent? that’s right, smart men in glasses all over the world pay my rent. physicists mostly, but i am trying to get more biologists and chemists to "saddle up" … for rent that is… as it were… ahem.

innuendo. the cheapest of all cheap jokes.

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