and so like music was like in my hair and twinkling eyes and like…

…wait, what?

anyway, i’ve finished fawm and the rpmchallenge, and so that is good.

you can either stream or download the songs at my fawm page

so i’ve decided to hold off a bit on releasing these as a whole album… i mean, some of these songs just don’t make the cut. i have a hard time imagining myself being in the room while someone listens to “‘white tea’ would be a really good rapper name” … i kind of hate myself for recording that particular song, but oh well, it counted, or something.

anyways, there are minor production issues that i wanna fix and plus, i’d like to revisit some older material… look for something new in march.

it was great motivation to write some new songs, so i’ll at least link directly to a couple of my favorite new songs (right-click to save the mp3 files):

that wasn’t cocaine after all
the opposite of optimism is not pessimism
i’m dead
let’s drink until our hearts stop

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