creating is just ok…

hey there pals!

as of February 14, I’ve completed half of the challenge. Keep tabs on me at my fawm page.

i did manage to find time to create some fun artwork. I had a dream about this… just a yellow canvas with black hand-drawn, smeary circles. I don’t know what it means, but I’m so happy with it that i made a poster out of it. May the power of pants compel you… to, um… buy?… something? whatever.

it’s also notable that the first song I uploaded — “peace on earth” — was featured on the fawm podcast (#28, see the 4:20 mark),.

well, enough bragging… back to work!

2 thoughts on “creating is just ok…”

  1. i like. you. braggart.
    is that really how you spell that?

    i’m glad you’re creating. i spend a lot of my spare time drunk, on Rock Band LIVE TOUR freaking people out with my terrible vocals.

    it’s almost hilarious how many times people will leave bands when im singing. on medium. and they are all on expert.

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