this use to be a place

this blog use to be a place. now it’s more like an ex girlfriend that i still want to be friends with.

anyway, the point is: here’s what’s going on in the world of ieatpants.
i have been living on a couch for over a week and that’s going well, except i have very little time now to work on songs and absolutely no time to work on recordings. most of my equipment is in storage, and i desperately need to find a permanent place to live.

but lately, i feel like i’ve paid a lot of attention to talking about what i should be doing, instead of just doing it. so here goes nothing.

from here on out there shall be music and words and what have you.
i’ve just finished editing a silly little video for an instrumental track. should be up in a few minutes.

i need inspiration. actually it’s all around me, but i have been too lazy to open my eyes. i’ll keep you updated.

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