another video, another whiny kid on youtube…

i’ve been writing songs lately about this girl.

she may or may not be my girlfriend anymore, but we dated for nearly 8 years, and now she has decided to take some time away from me…
i haven’t seen her or talked to her in almost a month and it’s killing me.

my therapist is encouraging me to share these feelings.
(the internet may or may not count as sharing with a friend… )

i am learning to express my feelings, no matter how silly.
i do not think they are dumb.
they are my own, and they are valid.

happy pants

quit your job if you’re not happy
i am not happy
in a world of content and clicks
internet gimmicks
are what people expect

i am not happy

money does not, will not, make me happy
when you ask yourself “what should i do?”
the answer always is “be inspired”
live the inspired life.

right now.