notebook project #1, resolutions

I’m preparing for the RPM Challenge.

In the meantime, this is the first in several posts exploring and explaining a notebook that I used for a little over a year for songs and a bunch of other crap. Where appropriate, I will post songs that correspond to each entry.

Here is the first page and a couple of post-its that I stuck there:

notebook project #1
notebook project #1

Obviously, I set my goals pretty high for 2007.

Things to note:

1. i finished this by the end of february, by completing the RPM challenge. good times.

2. i did this too!

3. i also did this, but barely.

4. this was a massive failure

5. eh, i suck. what can i say, i still eat tons of food and now i’m getting chubby.

6. again, chubby and mostly lazy.

You may be interested to know that I was considering writing a short story about Percival Lowell, the discoverer of “canals” on Mars. Anyway… it’s been done by others.

The second, bigger post-it looks like some other book ideas, but is written in such a absurd format, that I have no clue what it all means.

happy new fears

as time moves forward, i just get more and more scared of more and more things

this makes the holiday of New Year’s Day a very frightening and intimidating time for everyone here at the pants’ household.

besides the anxiety, there are a few good thing going on… um.


well, i can’t think of any.

i think the cops are outside. that’s good news right?

keepin’ the neighborhood safe and all that.