vin diesel is pretty good, i guess

so, i think vin diesel is ok.

anyways, moving on to actual news… ieatpants welcomes its newest member tonight–i don’t wanna give out a name right now, because he might just up and move to ireland or france or poland. BUT! this guy’s gonna bring the goods: street cred and good looks. LOOKOUT!!!!

so, anyway, there’ll be a big lull here for a bit while we work out new songs, strategems, etc.

40,000 coming every day

lying in bed, late at night, i heard someone down the street playing a guitar & amp—it’s loud and distorted and it could be an attempt to play blue oyster cult’s "godzilla"

after a few minutes, a car alarm went off and continued to go off for 45 minutes.

the reaper, godzilla, and the panicked streets of london filled my dreams.