what is youtube doing?

Are they exploiting us?

A couple of years ago, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion US. That’s a lot of money.

The only conclusion is that youtube is managing to make a giant profit… and all because we are constantly uploading our own content. Here’s the interesting bit: youtube can and does delete whatever videos it feels are infringing or violating an artist’s copyright. However, the video does stick around for a while, sometimes for several days. Just long enough for youtube to rake in the ad revenue with a giant pointy rake… that money should actually be going to the artist, no?

what about the youtuber’s whose videos get millions of views? why don’t they get a slice of the money pie?

I know as a creator/video artist, you accept certain responsibilities for what can be done with your video. However, there is an implicit amount of trust between us and youtube, right? If they sold the videos to Miramax and sold DVDs full of the most popular videos, someone (probably a lot of someones) would be pissed off.

…we don’t expect them to do that, and yet we’re allowing them to do something like that on a smaller scale.

consider NBC.com.
they’ve decided that they can make money by putting all of their shows online. and it’s working well. they basically have an NBC-youtube hybrid. the only difference is they own the copyright and are expecting a return on the video from the viewer (in the form of ad clicking or watching).
ok, im done ranting now. it’s friday. have a beer. chill out, dummy.

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